Morelex customers are pharmacies. We are the market leader in providing digital and mobile marketing solutions for pharmacies in Finland. We have recently started our activities in Germany.

What our customers say

The Morelex Premium solution has been in use at Myyrmanni Pharmacy since 2019. It has brought us clear added value and has enabled us to increase the average monthly purchases and of our customers and the number of loyal customers. At the beginning of 2023, the service already had more than 4,200 users, so the overall benefit of the solution is significant. Our customers have received regular information about loyalty discounts and promotions through the channel. They also have convenient and easy access to the pharmacy’s digital customer magazine.Juha Nuutila, Pharmacist
Myyrmannin apteekki

With the Morelex Premium solution, we have significantly increased our sales and multiplied our growth in loyal customer numbers. Sales of free trade products have approximately doubled since the launch of the service, and the programme has enabled us to target the advertising of promotional products according to the needs of each customer. We have also been pleased with the service we have received, and the entire staff of our pharmacy is behind the solution. With the Morelex solution, we are at the forefront of developments and provide our customers with an easy channel to track our value-for-money offers and promotions.Sakari Alaranta, Pharmacist
Raisio 1. Pharmacy

Tuusula Pharmacy is using a multi-channel marketing solution by Morelex as well as Morelex Premium which is a marketing outsourcing platform. In 2019 and 2020, the marketing solution offered by Morelex combined with outsourcing of marketing resulted in 195% higher monthly purchases per user. I can very warmly recommend Morelex!Jari Summanen, Pharmacist
Tuusula I Pharmacy

Morelex solution provides a cost effective way to run personalized marketing. Our results have been excellent. We have been able to grow monthly purchases of the customers using the Morelex solution by 80 percent. Marketing activities take us only few hours per month. Morelex solution has also provided something new and exciting to our employees.Juha Keskitalo, Pharmacist
Rotuaari Pharmacy

Morelex solution has had a significant positive impact on our sales, loyalty program member acquisition and customer satisfaction. Average monthly purchases of the customers over doubled in six months. We were able to acquire over 2000 new loyalty program members in the first six months of use.Jorma Ahonen, Pharmacist
Orivesi Pharmacy

Morelex solution has worked extremely well for us. We have received very positive feedback from our customers and it has positively impacted our key business measures. It has also been truly a pleasure to work with the Morelex team.Annika Pietikäinen, Pharmacist
Puijonlaakso Pharmacy

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