Morelex customers are pharmacies. We are the market leader in providing digital and mobile marketing solutions for pharmacies in Finland. We have recently started our activities in Germany.

What our customers say

Morelex solution provides a cost effective way to run personalized marketing. Our results have been excellent. We have been able to grow monthly purchases of the customers using the Morelex solution by 80 percent. Marketing activities take us only few hours per month. Morelex solution has also provided something new and exciting to our employees.Juha Keskitalo, Pharmacist
Rotuaari Pharmacy

Morelex solution has had a significant positive impact on our sales, loyalty program member acquisition and customer satisfaction. Average monthly purchases of the customers over doubled in six months. We were able to acquire over 2000 new loyalty program members in the first six months of use.Jorma Ahonen, Pharmacist
Orivesi Pharmacy

Morelex solution has worked extremely well for us. We have received very positive feedback from our customers and it has positively impacted our key business measures. It has also been truly a pleasure to work with the Morelex team.Annika Pietikäinen, Pharmacist
Puijonlaakso Pharmacy

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